What is spiritual direction and is it for me, you may be asking. You might seek out a spiritual director if you are:

  • seeking greater meaning and purpose in your life

  • wanting a deeper connection with the divine

  • desiring support and encouragement during a time of grief, loss, or transition

  • seeking discernment regarding a life decision

  • wanting to revitalize your spiritual practice

  • wanting to align with your soul's purpose

If spiritual direction is calling to you, I would love to be your companion on the journey. As a spiritual director, my intention is not to guide you in a particular direction, but to offer a space of presence and holy listening. Together we explore where you are on your spiritual journey, what new energy wants to awaken in you, how God/Spirit/Divine Life Source is moving through the events of your life, inviting opportunities for healing, growth, and transformation.


I find that as we share the events of our lives with a spiritual director--our challenges, our joys, our deeper longings--being witnessed in the space of deep listening, we are able to connect more deeply with our own sacred wisdom. We get to hear our heart speak.

In the course of a session I may offer inspirational readings, poetry, prayers or blessings. I may suggest spiritual practices for you to do between sessions to support your process. We might explore dreams that seem to carry messages of insight or guidance. Mostly I will hold a space of curious, engaged, compassionate listening, offering support and encouragement for you on your unique journey.

As an Interfaith Spiritual Director, I enjoy working with people from all faith traditions or no religion at all. I believe that all of the major religions and faith traditions carry the light of higher truth and contain beautiful sacred teachings that guide us toward awakening. And I enjoy companioning those who are in a place of exploration or discernment about the spiritual dimensions of their life, wherever that may lead.

Individual Sessions

If you are interested in learning more, we can schedule an initial phone interview to see if we are a good fit to work together. If we agree it is a good fit, we will schedule our first session.


Typically sessions are once a month, for 60 minutes.

The fee is $50 per session. A sliding scale is also available. I am happy to discuss payment options in our initial phone interview.

I hold sessions in person in Marin and Sonoma Counties and I am available for virtual sessions via online platforms such as Zoom. 

I follow the ethical guidelines published by Spiritual Directors International, found at www.sdiworld.org, which I will be happy to provide upon request. I am committed to my own spiritual growth by seeking my own spiritual direction monthly, actively engaging with a spiritual community, and maintaining a regular practice of meditation and contemplative reading. Our time together is sacred and I will hold our conversations in strictest confidence.

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I would love to hear from you! Please contact me if you would like to set up a phone interview:

Phone: (415) 686-1439    Email: joanne@innerlightspiritualdirection.com