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“Your dreams help you get in touch with your High Self,

your True Self, the God-part of you, in such a way

as to instill confidence in all the beauty, love,

wisdom, power, and wonder that comprises the real you!”

-Wilda B. Tanner

Our dreams help us to connect with a deep source of inner wisdom and creativity, ever guiding us in the direction of healing and wholeness. Even our nightmares have treasures to offer, as they wake us up to what needs our attention and they give us clues about what action we can take in our waking life to bring about positive change.


I enjoy facilitating workshops and classes to explore dreams in a group setting. Sharing our dreams with others in the safe and sacred space of a dream circle helps us to gain insight and perspectives on possible meanings that we might not see on our own. In a dream circle we learn how to decode the symbolic language of our dreams to deepen understanding of the messages they bring, and experience the benefits of shared wisdom from other members of the group. We discover the common threads that connect us all.

Work with Individuals

I offer individual one-on-one sessions where together we explore the images and symbols of dreams to uncover the gifts of insight and wisdom they bring. For more information about upcoming workshops and/or individual work with your dreams, please contact me:

Email: joannelefferts@gmail.com or Phone: (415) 686-1439   

A bit about my dream journey:

I have had a lifelong passion for the study of dreams and have led dream groups and workshops for many years. I am grateful to my mentor, dream teacher and author Jeremy Taylor, whose encouragement and support has been transformative in my life. As I began to pay attention to the guidance in my dreams, it set me on a path of study that eventually led me to training in spiritual direction.

I enjoy leading dream circles--creating a sacred container for the sharing of dreams. I love the "aha's" of insight that arise from the collective wisdom of the group.

As a certified Spiritual Director, I also hold certification in Dream Work Facilitation through Jeremy Taylor's Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.


"Our dream circle has enriched my life. Joanne is a skilled facilitator who gently guides us through the maze of dreams, where inevitably we discover the treasures hidden there. I'm so happy with the end result of work on my dream and I'm excited at the prospect of sparking change and transformation!"


Gailya M.

"What a gift you offer in leading these groups! Much gratitude for your presence and insightful facilitation."

Ann P.

"You lead our group with exquisite precision and kindness! I appreciate how you hold the group with structure and principal."

Gretchen D., M. Div., S.D.

Contact me.